Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi all who view this blog. I have made the decision to make a move. My new blog site will be


After a discussion with a reader i learnt that it is not easy for non bloggers to comment on this site. I dont know how to fix that besides going to wordpress. It seems easier for people to comment. So please log onto the new site for updates on what I am up to.

Thanks, hope it is not a huge inconvenience for you.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Should philosophy be apart of the Christian mind?

One of the subjects i have an exam for is philosophy.

But should Christians learn philosophy? and therefore should i and other biblical students learn philosophy?

For a great discussion starter view the Box's post

We're not in Kansas anymore

Unfortunately our holiday is over, the most unfortunate thing is exams :(

I have come back from the great views of South Australia to the great stress of 3 looming exams. As I cringe as I type this I dont expect sympathy or empathy. Exams are a natural part of life. We all need to be tested and put under trials.

So bring on the lack of sleep and the plethora of coffee.

p.s. Sam R - are you happy your reader can now tell you that i am back in Sydney also that someone is posting?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi from Adelaide - part 3

Last day in Adelaide. Wow i am tired.

We had a beautiful breakfast at Glenegl beach and walked along the pier.

Than we hit Adelaide city, mixing with the brainstrust at the Museum and Art Gallery than a walk down the river.

Great day, especially the SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!! Finally sunshine, none in Sydney before we left than none when we were here, until today. Gotta love sunshine :)

Anyway we will be back in Sydney tomorrow, than it is back to study for me. Exams start next thursday :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi from Adelaide - part 2

Well another day another dollar. In our case another day another beautiful picture.

We went from the Hills to the Barossa. Wow!!!!
What a view, what a view!!!!

This is a beautiful part of the world.
We started with a great coffee at Chocolate No. 5 in Hahndorf. Great coffee even better chocolate. We than hightailed it to Melba's Chocolate Factory. great place to get chocolate.

We than continued to Liebethal to a Micro brewery for a drop. Than we continued to Menglers Hill lookout, a must see for anyone.

The Barossa is great although at night it is hard to see what is going on. We ventured throughout the Barossa today visiting the big three: Wolf Blass, Penfolds and Jocob's Creek. Great wine!! Great views from the tasting rooms, it is very serene.

After leaving the Barossa we went to the whispering wall, literally a whispering wall. It is a dam wall about 50m long. You stand at one end and speak to someone on the other, amazing! Another must see.

We are now in busy Adelaide city. Great dinner at the British India. And now we are watching Home Made.

We are stuffed. So much seen in so little time. But we are both sad to have left the scenery of the Hills and the Barossa. We could tour there for weeks. We are now looking forward to Glenelg Beach tomorrow and Port Adelaide topped off with the North of Adelaide city. Then we are back home : (

Till next time, approximately 2 hours left for you Moore Students!!!!! God Bless you with passion for His word and will. To the normal people hope you are enjoying the sunshine of Sydney and beyond, it rained here again!!!! very anoying. But I am sure you would rather be here than at work or studying. May God Bless you with passion for His word and will also and may you enjoy the gifts he has given you.

From Adelaide
Dan and Aimee

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi from Adelaide - part 1

Aimee and I are in South Australia. Nice place. Very Scenic!!
Our first day was lots and lots of fun. I can't believe I am thinking this but I love Adelaide.

We went to Holy Trinity in Adelaide City for the 10:30am service. Funny story, we checked out the services online while we were eating breakfast and thought we would get to the family service at 10am. Looked at the map gave ourselves 15mins to get there, big mistake!! Adelaide is bigger than we thought we walked from the East of the city to the church and it took us a little longer than we thought, we turned up on time for the 10:30am service, which was a 'Modern Service' according to the net. We found out it was modern if you were born in the 1800's. It wasnt a prayer book service but we were the youngest there by 50 years. It was still great and very encouraging. Great church, loved the sermon and the welcome.

We continued to Hahndorf. A German town, one of many in South Australia which we realised today. Great town, a must visit if you ever come to South Australia. We are currently in the Barossa (it's a hard life). Beautiful drives from town to town. You could accidently get lost out here very easily :)

I worked hard to get here this week. I finished my Old Testament essay by Friday (first time i have ever finished an essay well before it is due). My prayers are with the many 2nd year Moore students doing there Old Testament Essay now. God bless you with your endeavours.

Till later enjoy the sunshine in sydney or where ever you are (it is raining here, went from rain to rain very frustrating).

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Dad on national radio!!!

Pretty exciting stuff, while enjoying a great meal at the Euro Lounge in Castle Hill (Peter, I expect a meal for the shout out!!) my dad told me that he was on ABC radio recently. No joke there it is "Battle of the shires - Baulkham Hills" Although they dont know how to spell my fathers name, it is exciting to see him on the world wide web. I must apologize to the Mayor, Larry Bolitho, who was ready to be interviewed but was left on his own as my dad turned up to the interview WITH A COW!!!!!

The point of the story is, I am now famous by association. Yay me : )

By the way, if anyone needs some good quality right out of the backyard grown beef contact me!!!
I will set you up ; )